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Patio Art - full service advertising agency. We have been creating all the promotional products for 14 years that will develop and bring success to your business.  Our slogan is: "From idea to execution" Why? Because every project we do is unique and different. Each project is managed by a highly responsible project manager, so our approach is individual and loyal to all clients.


Everything in one space - from idea to execution.


With Patio Art you can implement all types of services: small or large scale projects. Our goal is to complete the project at the highest level, because your success is our priority!


Our team of professionals is ready to perform and carry out the task you want in the shortest possible time, such as: interior design, planning, office furniture making, signs, volumetric and flat letters, building facades decoration / packaging, design and installation of trade booths, steels, metal constructions, Branding, arranging TV studios, lottery tickets, outdoor advertising (light boxes and voluminous letters).

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